Hi, my name is Elaine Janes.  I am a graduate of the JKL Training Academy and have been a pet stylist for 8 years and owned a very successful boarding kennel and grooming salon in Waco, Texas until deciding to move back home to the Milton/Janesville area.  My husband, Rick, and I have 2 daughters, a few dogs(some of the best "mutts" you'd ever meet) and 1 horse. 
Elaine's daughter, Brittany, has been grooming since 2006.  She has groomed in a variety
of facilities including grooming shops and veterinarian clinics.  Brittany has a son, Cash and is a Professional Barrel Racer.
... the most important ingredient for a successful groom is to approach each dog as an individual; taking into account the dog's breed and personality, the owner's wishes and lifestyle, and any breed standards that might be requested.  My focus is on quality; first and foremost.  All dogs are handled with tender loving care.  Being mobile, I groom all pets on a one-on-one basis, from start to finish, and most can be completed, start to finish, in less than 2 hours.

I use only the highest quality products and cut no corners to provide the most pleasing and relaxing environment possible.   You WILL notice a difference between my finished baths/grooms and what you may have become used to with other salons or doing it at home yourself.  A bath is easy....but it's not easy to do it well.  It is well worth the few extra bucks to have a clean, happy and healthy pet!

For those of you who have already tried the "mobile experience", you know!

For those who haven't...
1.  We paws at YOUR pad!   Saving you time and gas.
2.  There is less stress for both you and your pet.
3.  The personal one-on-one attention.
4.  It's awesome for senior pets who wouldn't do well at a busy salon.
5.  It's a sanitary, safe and non-smoking environment.
6.  There is no exposure to other animals, parasites or diseases.
7.  No car sickness or hairy car interiors!
8.  No one is caged for hours waiting to be picked up.
9.  We only Fluff Dry!...No (possibly) dangerous cage dryers.
10.  Sorry...I don't do people!  lol

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